Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Yo'sea in a storytelling stage. She is constantly coming up with "remember when" or "once upon a time"'s The "remember whens" I think are dreams, while the "Once Upon a times" are always stories with a "The End".

 Here are a few of each for you reading pleasure.

"Remember When

  • "Remember that one time I was so really big, bigger, and I was taller then the house. You said, "Hey come down you will fall" and said, "I can't, I just big now!" Remember?
  • "Remember when I had the Pink Princess train that only kids could drive, and I gave you, Masoni, Cheii, and Allea a ride to visit Mama Coco? And I drive really fast to Disneyland to see the Princesses?
  • "Mom, where is My one Pony that is alive? Remember, he is really nice with sparkly hair?" Mom- Sister that sounds like it was a dream. YOu don't really have a Pony that is alive,  you just thought about it while you were sleeping. Yo'sea- "Mom I do. You told us to play out side because we were too loud."

"Once Upon a Time"
  • Once Upon a Time, there was a baby tiger and he his throat hurt. His mom said no more Soda! Just drink water. THe tiger said," NO!" He said it soft like "Meow" because his throat hurt. He goes to his friends house and say "Meow" they all laugh and said drink water. He goes to another friends house and say "Meow' the laugh and say he sound funny. Then he drink water and says, "ROOOOAR" His throat no more hurt. The End"

Oh! She has also taken it upon herself to give us new names every morning at breakfast. If you could please referr to me as "Nula" I would appreciate it. Yo'sea is now Toby, and I forget what Allea's new name will be. I guess it doesn't matter since by tomorrow morning she will have a new one. :) If you are so bored of your name please come and have breakfast with us :) 



elesa said...

So Cute! I think my favorite is the one about the horse. She could really have one. You don't know.

And that one about the Tiger, if that is not already a children's book that she is reciting to you, it should be.

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