Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Easter :)

When your a single Mom of two Littles, that only know what you tell them. Then you can have Easter when ever you want to have Easter. :) So, I decided to have Easter two weekends ago, while my parents, sister and I were in St. George for a friends baby shower.

Yo'sea is one smart cookie, I think she knows who the Easter Bunny is. Still she had fun  going through her basket, Allea was the cutest baby ever when she found her basket she opened the cupboard door, then immediately shut it, looked at me and said, "Oh no! Oh No! Mom" She was so excited all she could say was "Oh No" cracked me up.

Who can blame these two for being excited. Between, me, my parents and Aunty naco, they had the biggest Easter baskets I've ever seen. Two spoiled little girls. Spoiled with love, and stuff. :)

Yo'sea and her press on nails that lasted about three minutes. On her nails

At a friends Baby Shower,

Girls at the Art Museum

Playing at Tuacun

My girly Girl Yo'sea


elesa said...

Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute

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