Wednesday, July 05, 2017

My Mom Sent us this message on our Family Group Chat. I just wanted to save the memory for Jacobs Future children. For,the record Jacob does not like animals especially any animal that might send him into an asthma attack.

-Funniest thing just happened. I couldn't stop 😂 laughing!
When we got home Jacob was outside in his tent with a big white dog snuggled next to his tent and he wouldnt leave. (Wyler & Mandie Merrills dog).  We all tried to get the dog to leave; wouldn't budge.  Jacob then picked up his tent and moved it to the other side of the lawn. The dog got up and went to the front door and wouldn't move again. I tried to get in the house and it kept trying to come in the house. We couldn't shew him off. I was calling the Merrell's to come get thier dog when Jacob decided to go to the store, he open his car door and the big dog jumped in the drivers seat and then moved over to the passengers seat, sat down and wouldn't move. Jacob tried to coax him out. He wasn't leaving. Jacob even gave him a donut to coax him out.
So funny to see this big dog in Jacob' s car smelling like to ran into a skunk. Jacob standing there wondering how to get this big dog out of his car that he would never allow in if it was up to him.

He usually goes in the opposite direction of fogs and cats - now he has a buddy.

I guess Jacob found his Spirit animal. Ha ha

Friday, December 13, 2013

Presents from the Kids.

Yo'sea asked me back in November how she was going to buy presents for her sisters, grandparents and for me. I told her I would have to give her some money and she could go shopping.  She replied, "But that will be a present from you then not from me. I need to use my own money"

She was right (To mature for her age). So I had to think of a system for them to earn some $$ to give gifts to the people they love. They have everyday chores they have to do and they will never get paid for those.  So I put out a picture list with the amount of money you could earn for doing other jobs around the home. I just walked around or messy home snapped photos with my camera and then printed it out.

The girls, where then able to pick the chore they wanted to do put there name by it, and once it was passed off they could cross it off and collect there money.  Yo'sea ended up with $8.00 and Allea ended up with $5.00 plus my house got clean with swiftness and a smile. Win Win for all.

After that we dressed up and I took the girls to the Dollar Store and they bought for everyone on there list. It was so fun to shop with them. The girls did a great job thinking of others, and keeping the gift they bought for myself and for each other a secret. We had a great time.

Once we got home we took turn wrapping presents for everyone. The girls were delighted, What fun it was to think of others :) 

Now our Christmas Tree has Presents underneath. 

As an added bonus the girls got to practice writing there name.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Susie Janet Begay, 100, died Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008, in Flagstaff surrounded by family.
Mrs. Begay was born June 15, 1908, near Tuba City.
She was Tsédeeshgizhnii (Rock Gap People Clan) born for the Tl'izzilani (Manygoats Clan). She was a rancher, traditional weaver and a homemaker. She will be remembered as a very caring, patient and generous person. She was always willing to help a person in need. She will be remembered always and greatly missed by those who knew her.
Mrs. Begay is survived by her sisters Maybel Bighorse of Cameron, Betty Huskon of Cameron, and Lucy Kelly of Flagstaff; brother David Nez-Tsosie of Cameron; sons Yazzie Begay of Willow Springs, Glenn Begay (Annie) of Grand Prairie, Texas, John C. Begay (Ilene) of Coppermine, Keith Begay (Marie) of Kayenta, and Joe Begay (Shirley) of Castledale, Utah; daughters Shirley Lane (John) of Coppermine, Pearl Benally (Emo) of LeChee, Carol Manson (Johnny, deceased) of LeChee, Mary Bitsoie (Tully, deceased) of Cedar City, Susie Gilbert (Felix Gilbert Sr., deceased) of Seba Dalkai, Ariz., and Barbara Blaser (Chuck) of Anchorage, Alaska; 57 grandchildren; 109 great-grandchildren; and 17 great-great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by husband Cecil Benally Begay; father Jerry Nez-Tsosie; mother Winona Sayonitso Nez-Tsosie; brothers Harold Granger and Neil Nez-Tsosie; sisters Beatrice Huskon, Bella Dugi, and Amelia Shepard.

Monday, May 13, 2013

CA weekend

This weekend my mother and I took the girls to CA on our trip the girls got to go to Disneyland, see there Costantini cousins, watch Aunt Leanna graduate and just have a great time here are tons o pics.

 Travel Breakfast :) 


 Cousin Connors Birthday Present 

 "Is this where Jesus lives?"

 Lego Beauty and the Beast

 So Fun

 Ready for the Train
Sand Baby 
 Sand Shower

 Sleeping Beauty's Castle 

 Tea Cups 

  Temple in the background

 Sand Beard

 Shopping Time 


White Bunny's House

Thursday, November 08, 2012

What are you SOO Good at?

This morning whiles snuggling my oldest daughter (3yrs) I asked her "What are you good at?'
She immediately started naming things like, "I'm good at putting my shoes one, "I'm good at saying 'Thank You' while trick-or-treating, I can get myself dressed, I am good at sharing my Frosty with my sister even though she didn't go the dentist, I'm SOOO Good at singing ect" The list went one. The thing is she was right. She was good at all of those things.  

Then I started to think of things that i was good at. I had to THINK, it took some time. My first thought was, well I can throw together a quick meal with whatever is in the kitchen.  Then i continued thinking, but it isn't always healthy, or look good, but it's food.  

Being the incredible smart person I am , i noticed that with my GOOD THING i started to break it down to a NOT SO GOOD thing.

Why do we do that. Why when we are little we can easily make a huge list of things we are wonderful at, but by adulthood we are "aren't so good" When does this change happen? How can I prevent it with my own children. I want them to always know they are beautiful, they are smart, intelligent   and hopefully still be humble.

Anyway, I thought I had better start right now owning what I am good at. Because truth be told i am good at alot of things, so I might as well OWN IT  :)
Here is my  list
 1, I have great hair. It will take a curl and keep it all day
 2. I can rope. Seriously, I can lasso a standing object
 3. I'm funny. Honestly, i can make almost anyone laugh.
 4. I'm good at gardening, and using items from my garden for meals.
 5. I'm SOO GOOD at being positive. even when i am down, and i don't feel like I can handle things. Time on my knees in prayer, and maybe a nap will help me feel like I can do it again (I"ve used this alot in the last year and been SO thankful it)
 6. I'm a good driver. (I can hear my sisters laughing at this very moment) But honestly, I've been many precarious driving situations and I've had the skills to drive on the safety.
 7. I love my family. I have this need to  touch base with each of them once a week. But most of my siblings and parents i contact more then that. I want us to stay close, and the only way to do that is call and talk to them
8. I am good dancer.
9. I'm good at accepting people how they are (except my family. i am always wanting them to be there better selves)
10. I've got a great smile   :)

So what are you good at? Tell me, OWN IT. Make it yours!   Love, Jo

Thursday, April 12, 2012

You know you a Mother of 2012 if...

When instead of helping your child right away. You run and get your camera, snap a pic, THEN help them.

So I was working on the computer. When I hear a "Mom, help me I stuck" I look over to see Allea's danging feet. I quickly replyed, "Can I take a pic first?" She agreed. HA!  I took the pic, then went to rescue her. Poor Allea growing up in a blogging world. :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Easter :)

When your a single Mom of two Littles, that only know what you tell them. Then you can have Easter when ever you want to have Easter. :) So, I decided to have Easter two weekends ago, while my parents, sister and I were in St. George for a friends baby shower.

Yo'sea is one smart cookie, I think she knows who the Easter Bunny is. Still she had fun  going through her basket, Allea was the cutest baby ever when she found her basket she opened the cupboard door, then immediately shut it, looked at me and said, "Oh no! Oh No! Mom" She was so excited all she could say was "Oh No" cracked me up.

Who can blame these two for being excited. Between, me, my parents and Aunty naco, they had the biggest Easter baskets I've ever seen. Two spoiled little girls. Spoiled with love, and stuff. :)

Yo'sea and her press on nails that lasted about three minutes. On her nails

At a friends Baby Shower,

Girls at the Art Museum

Playing at Tuacun

My girly Girl Yo'sea

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