Wednesday, July 05, 2017

My Mom Sent us this message on our Family Group Chat. I just wanted to save the memory for Jacobs Future children. For,the record Jacob does not like animals especially any animal that might send him into an asthma attack.

-Funniest thing just happened. I couldn't stop ­čśé laughing!
When we got home Jacob was outside in his tent with a big white dog snuggled next to his tent and he wouldnt leave. (Wyler & Mandie Merrills dog).  We all tried to get the dog to leave; wouldn't budge.  Jacob then picked up his tent and moved it to the other side of the lawn. The dog got up and went to the front door and wouldn't move again. I tried to get in the house and it kept trying to come in the house. We couldn't shew him off. I was calling the Merrell's to come get thier dog when Jacob decided to go to the store, he open his car door and the big dog jumped in the drivers seat and then moved over to the passengers seat, sat down and wouldn't move. Jacob tried to coax him out. He wasn't leaving. Jacob even gave him a donut to coax him out.
So funny to see this big dog in Jacob' s car smelling like to ran into a skunk. Jacob standing there wondering how to get this big dog out of his car that he would never allow in if it was up to him.

He usually goes in the opposite direction of fogs and cats - now he has a buddy.

I guess Jacob found his Spirit animal. Ha ha


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