Friday, December 13, 2013

Presents from the Kids.

Yo'sea asked me back in November how she was going to buy presents for her sisters, grandparents and for me. I told her I would have to give her some money and she could go shopping.  She replied, "But that will be a present from you then not from me. I need to use my own money"

She was right (To mature for her age). So I had to think of a system for them to earn some $$ to give gifts to the people they love. They have everyday chores they have to do and they will never get paid for those.  So I put out a picture list with the amount of money you could earn for doing other jobs around the home. I just walked around or messy home snapped photos with my camera and then printed it out.

The girls, where then able to pick the chore they wanted to do put there name by it, and once it was passed off they could cross it off and collect there money.  Yo'sea ended up with $8.00 and Allea ended up with $5.00 plus my house got clean with swiftness and a smile. Win Win for all.

After that we dressed up and I took the girls to the Dollar Store and they bought for everyone on there list. It was so fun to shop with them. The girls did a great job thinking of others, and keeping the gift they bought for myself and for each other a secret. We had a great time.

Once we got home we took turn wrapping presents for everyone. The girls were delighted, What fun it was to think of others :) 

Now our Christmas Tree has Presents underneath. 

As an added bonus the girls got to practice writing there name.


BBC said...

this was so sweet and so thoughtful of your girls! opening presents will be extra special this year i think!

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